youtube channels
the revolution will be televised

philosophy, psychology and sociology:
  • contrapoints - great and poignant social comentary on lgbt issues ans society in general
  • exurb1a - philosophy videos with a side of british humor
  • meme analysis - a jungian/freudian approach to why memes are the way the are, what they mean and what they reflect in todays society
informative and engaging:
  • lemino - great documentaries, very well researched, tries to look into mysteries and urban legends with an analytical aproach
  • nfkrs - info videos about russian culture, politics and way of life, roman is a smart and guy
  • whang! - image board culture videos plus some mystery solving on the side
  • nitro rad - video game reviews, specially recommend the reviews of old RPG maker games
  • the retro future - nintendo handhelds collecting and restauration, also some oddware
  • dan brown - woodworking and resin projects
  • streadycraftin - a plethora of crafts, very relaxing voice
  • LGR - very well know in the retro computing and tech community, has a geat thrifting series
  • the science elf - focuses on the history of specific hardware, software and phenomena in the world of computation
  • nile red - incredibly detailed chemistry videos
  • tibees - a more personal take on math and physics videos, great series on math explained bob ross style
  • numberphile - videos on a wide selection of mathmatical topics and problems
  • computerphile - numberphile's sister channel, they cover pretty much all computer related topics, from the history of computer hardware and software to artificial intelligence
  • snake discovery - a channel all about reptiles, super informative, emily is a sweetheart and takes amazing care of her sneks
spoopy stuff:
  • nexpo - covers spoopy stuff, a lot of online sleuthing
  • barely sociable - more sleuthing, more documentary-like
  • slightly sociable - more spoops, focus on debunking theories
  • nightmare masterclass - makes incredibly good video essays about dark, absurd, and surreal pieces of media, usually with a focus on horror, has a great series on petscop.
slice of life:
  • brutalmoose - my fav variety channel, ian is so sweet! here wou will find retro games, retro tech, cooking shows, travel vlogs and reviews, all with ian's signatrure surreal ans sarcastic editing style. makes you feel like you are watching someone from a diffrent reality.
  • bald and bankrupt - guy started traveling through eastern europe and ex-soviet countries after loosing his business, great for a insightful look at the coutries he visits outside of the tourist areas
  • joana ceddia - she is just funny and lets us have a look into her day to day life as a student and other shenanigans