community projects

idk what to put here

- kirsi, 2021

web garden
watch 'em grow


this is a web garden. here i've collected "plants" from other websites that i find really cool, and they reflect the website and their owner. the neat thing about it is that these are not images, these are actually a lil part of their website and it can change as the website and its owner changes.

bellow you can find my smol plant and to plant it in your garden just copy the code

teeny towers
let's be neighbours? jk... unless?

this project was originally created by honey buildng and was brought back by key's klubhouse! check their site for rules, templates and base rooms

my rooms

add my rooms to your tower :)

i know it was against the rules to combine more than two rooms but i made a big 2 by 2 room and in order to add it i had to separate it into two images of 2 by 1 room. if you'd like to add it you need to paste the code in two separate floors in the same side of the building (see above). my other room is just a normal one.